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Pastiera Napoletana

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This item is part of our Easter Menu, and is only available April 6 - 8

Originating from the Campania region of southern Italy, this iconic bake carries heavy symbolism across the Easter holiday. There are various legends about the origin of Pastiera, some dating back to the sweet siren song Parthenope, who was gifted ricotta, milk, spices, eggs, and sugar by the Neapolitans. More historically, it can be traced to a Neapolitan convent, where nuns took the symbolism of the cake for resurrection, eggs for new life, and oranges grown in the convent garden.

Ours is made with a traditional Italian pasta frolla lattice crust topped with powdered sugar, imported Italian grano cotto (wheat berries), and fresh ricotta. Flavored with floral orange blossom water, candied orange peel, and spices. 8" round cake serves 10 - 12.

Allergen Info:
Contains: Wheat, Milk, Egg.

Storing your Pastry:
This product should be kept refrigerated until ready to serve.