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Classic Cannoli

Classic Cannoli

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Our most famous item, our homemade cannoli shells are mixed, rolled, and fried all by hand! We roll our cinnamon-scented dough super thin, then fry it into golden-brown tubes. Each cannoli shell is filled with our traditional sweet filling made with creamy ricotta and dusted with powdered sugar for a decadent finish.

Three cannoli per “1” quantity. For best quality, our cannoli come with the filling bagged separately for you to serve fresh at home.

(3) Classic Cannoli - traditional vanilla and chocolate chip filling with chocolate-dipped ends.

Allergen Info:

Contains: Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soy.

Filling your cannoli:

No soggy shells here! To ensure the perfect creamy, crispy bite, we offer our cannoli unfilled so you can serve them fresh at home exactly when you’re ready. We recommend eating filled cannoli within three hours, while unfilled cannoli hold for up to three days. Our cannoli come with (1) fresh shells tucked neatly in a box, (2) color-coded pastry bags so you can match your fillings flavors to your decorated shells, and (3) a card with ‘how-to’ instructions and a list of your flavors so you can serve your cannoli fresh at home.

Watch our video tutorial on how to fill cannoli like a pro!

Storing your cannoli:

Cannoli shells can be stored at room temperature (preferably in a dry area away from sunlight) for up to one week. Filling must be kept in the refrigerator; up to three days. Once filled, cannoli must be immediately consumed or stored in the refrigerator.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Delicious cannoli

Superb cannoli. Perfectly crispy shells, delicious filling. We also got the specialty cherry ones that actually won the day, but these are delicious and I will definitely get them again (and again and again).

Sarah Markfield
In a word...YUM!

I drove almost an hour each way to pick up my Valentine's Day order of Cannoli. They were perfect and a real treat for our holiday dinner.

Rosemary Theurer
Great cannolis

We love all of the Cannoli flavors. We order them for all holidays.

Kim Peduzzi
Classic Cannoli

I bought for my son’s 16th birthday and he loved the cannolis as well as the other Italian desserts I purchased. I would definitely recommend Bisnonna Bakeshop!

Ed Melick
Best cannoli we've ever had

And we've tried plenty