Our Cannoli

Our most famous item, our homemade cannoli shells are mixed, rolled, and fried all by hand! Each cannoli shell is filled with our traditional sweet filling made with creamy ricotta and dusted with powdered sugar for a decadent finish.

Our Shells

Unlike most shops, we make our shells in-house and 100% from scratch. That bubbly, crispy, signature crunch of our cannoli shells comes from hours of time and energy.

We start by mixing up our cannoli dough, which, like many traditional recipes, includes wine and vinegar to add flakiness to our pastry. By contrast, though, we include honey and butter. So unlike others you might have had before that only taste like greasy, fried oil, ours are tasty enough to stand alone (but c’mon, we know you’re really here for the fillings). Since we make our shells by hand, we can also experiment with additions that add an extra layer to our flavors, like ground espresso or fresh rosemary.

Then, our dough is rolled so thin you can actually see light shine through the other side. Each sheet of pastry is cut, rolled, and shaped again before frying. As a home kitchen, we don’t have an industrial deep fryer — meaning we fry our shells just four-to-six at a time in a heavy cast iron pot like the nonnas do. It can take upwards of six hours to fry a single batch — a true labor of love.

Once ready, each of our shells are dipped to order in chocolates, nuts, and more to make every cannolo extra decadent!

Our Fillings & Flavors

Our cannoli fillings are made the traditional way with sweetened ricotta cheese. We source our ricotta from happy Jersey cows, bringing unparalleled quality and flavor to our mixes.

Each filling is mixed to order for each customer, every time — that’s why our minimum order of each flavor is three (have you ever tried measuring just 1g of something? It’s hard!).

To celebrate the high quality, local ricotta in our filling, we don’t use tons of sugar to mask it’s flavor. Our cannoli aren’t overly sweet like some americanized versions of this Italian classic: we keep it simple and traditional.

We never use fake flavorings or imitation extracts in our cannoli, making sure you get only the best. With over 20 flavors to choose from, each is inspired by something we love. Our Black Sesame cannoli, for example, are inspired by Nicole’s favorite dessert at SnoCream (The Block) in Annandale: black sesame ice cream in an ash coconut waffle cone. Our Dubrovnik cannoli are an ode to the week we spent in Croatia, walking through patches of wild rosemary and buying rose jam at the town market.

We also love to surprise our customers with new and innovative flavors to mark special occasions, holidays, or highlight the season. Check out our full menu below to find your new favorite cannoli flavor!

How to Fill our Cannoli

  • Classic

    Our best-seller and most iconic. Filled with our traditional sweetened ricotta and semi-sweet chocolate chips, with a chocolate dip on both ends.

  • Nutella

    Rolled in chopped, roasted hazelnuts and filled with a sweetened ricotta mixture lightly flavored with chocolate-hazelnut Nutella, and finished with a chocolate drizzle.

  • Pistachio

    Dipped in smooth white chocolate and rolled in crushed pistachio. Sweetened Ricotta filling is streaked with a smooth, from-scratch pistachio cream, made from 100% ground pistachio without artificial flavors or coloring.

  • Thai Coffee

    Bold coffee, sweet condensed milk, and freshly-ground cardamom. Our shells are finished with a white chocolate dip and a sprinkle of extra cardamom for a warm, heady finish.

    Thai Coffee 
  • Bee Sting

    A play on the traditional German Bienenstich “Bee Sting” cake-- an ode to some of our Pennsylvania Dutch roots-- our cannoli are tricked out with sweet honey flavor and rolled in roasted almonds with chocolate bee "stripes."

    Bee Sting 
  • Triple Chocolate

    For our chocolate lovers, we bring you it to you in three ways: a crispy, dark chocolate cannolo shell is drizzled with bittersweet chocolate and tossed with powdered sugar. Then, our Ricotta filling gets an extra dose of cocoa and mini chocolate chips!

    Triple Chocolate 
  • Black Sesame

    A black cocoa shell rolled in chocolate and black sesame seeds, filled it with our signature sweetened ricotta with a touch of black tahini and brown sugar. Perfect for fans of something unique and not-too-sweet.

    Black Sesame 
  • Cinnamon Honey Latte

    Inspired by a trip to a coffee shop in Nashville, we bump up the cinnamon and honey in our traditional cannoli and add a hint of espresso with a drizzle of white chocolate.

    Cinnamon Honey Latte 
  • Dubrovnik

    Our Dubrovnik cannoli marries together floral and herby notes, with just a hint of citrus, for a finish that’s sweetly scented and perfectly balanced.

  • Limoncello

    Made with another nonna-loving company, Marvelous Marj Cocktails, our cannoli filling is spiked with a made-in-DC lImoncello and topped with a piece of candied lemon peel.

  • Cherry Blossom

    This limited-run cannoli celebrates peak bloom season of cherry blossom trees in DC. A slightly floral, pink cherry filling with candied maraschino cherry pieces tucked inside a decorative shell with hand-drawn blooms.

    Cherry Blossom 
  • Strawberry Shortcake

    Find our light and airy from-scratch ladyfingers in this cannoli, mixed into our pink-hued filling that gets its color from real strawberries. Our shells are dipped in honey and coated in even more sweet ladyfinger crumbles.

    Strawberry Shortcake 
  • S'mores

    Real toasted marshmallow and dark chocolate chunks are folded into our vanilla filling. Our black cocoa shell gets a dip of chocolate and graham cracker crumbles.

  • Mint Chip

    A refreshing burst of peppermint flavors our sweetened ricotta filling with bittersweet chocolate chips mixed in, all tucked inside a black cocoa shell with colored candy drizzle.

    Mint Chip 
  • Pecan Pie

    Caramel and toasted pecan topping, filled with sweetened ricotta and fresh pecan nut butter, molasses, and a hint of bourbon.

    Pecan Pie 
  • Pumpkin Chai

    Our take on pumpkin spice, with fresh pumpkin, black tea leaves, and warm chai spices, topped off with a cinnamon sugar dip and white chocolate drizzle.

    Pumpkin Chai 
  • Peppermint Chocolate

    Dark chocolate cannoli shell with a chocolate drizzle and a dusting of crushed peppermint candy, filled with peppermint-scented cannoli filling flecked with mini chocolate chips.

    Peppermint Chocolate 
  • Gingerbread Butterscotch

    Rolled in caramel and crushed Noshy gingerbread butterscotch cookies, plus our sweetened ricotta filling with even more cookie crumbs, butterscotch pieces, and hints of ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and molasses.

    Gingerbread Butterscotch 
  • Black Forest

    Our take on the famous cherry-chocolate cake, a chocolate hand-rolled cannoli shell is filled with sweetened ricotta infused with cherry liquor, cocoa, and maraschino cherry pieces.

    Black Forest 
  • White Chocolate Raspberry

    Our ricotta gets a sweet pink hue from real raspberry, adding a romantic whimsy to our annual Valentine's Day special. This cannoli also features white chocolate chunks and a festive chocolate drizzle. Available through February.

    White Chocolate Raspberry 
  • Irish Coffee

    We're celebrating St. Patrick's Day with an espresso cannoli shell, Bailey's Irish Cream, and cheery green and gold sprinkles. Available through March.

    Irish Coffee 
  • Halloween Trio

    Our cannoli put on spooky costumes to celebrate the season: pistachio "frankenstein", Classic dresses up as a ghost; and a black-and-orange chocolate pumpkin cannoli. Available through October.

    Halloween Trio